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December 15, 2016

Just launched

Mittelsteadt Masonry
Specializes in Brick repair, masonry restoration and repair for Erie & Niagara Counties!

Mittelsteadt Masonry

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Just launched
High'N Tight Men's Boots
Custom Made Men's Tall Boots

We've got the boots... if you've got the stones!
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June 22, 2016
is our latest site!

Sport Fishing on Lake Ontario!

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June 1, 2016

We'll look at your site and let you know how it can be better!

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February 29, 2016

Just launched a new site for Tom Fridley! Voiceover Talent!

Check out his site at the top left of my 'Active Clients' list on any page!

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Website Design | Maintenance Services & Agreements

Here are some of the details ...the fine print, if you will.

Services That I Offer

Website Design

Design of websites is offered in the following classifications:

Brochure sites. Static sites that do not normally change but rather present a company or product on the internet.

Inter-active sites. Sites designed to allow some limited inter-activity by the site viewer. Site may change periodically in presentation.

E-commerce sites. Sites that are designed to feature products and/or services that allow the purchase of products, booking of services or deposits on services to be rendered. These sites most often involve a 'shopping cart' system.

Maintenance Services

1. Website maintenance is offered in terms of six (6) month and one (1) year terms depending upon our agreement, as a part of my complete design/webmaster service package. It is not provided as a stand alone service.

2. The following conditions must be met for website maintenance:

I must have designed or re-designed the website.

I must be named 'webmaster' for the term of our agreement, have complete and sole technical control of the site and a link to my design services must be visible on the bottom of each web page on the site.

The site must be active and published on a current web hosting company server and be readily available to anyone typing the web address into a browser. The site must not be an unpublished, private or a password protected site.

I must have access to FTP or the web hosting company's 'Control Panel' with current and complete access codes, at all times. If the codes are changed for any reason or by anyone, I must receive notification of such changes immediately.

If any of the conditions listed above are not or cannot be met, the maintenance portion of any agreement shall be null and void. As this portion of my service is not sold separately, it has no assigned or 'cash' value. No refunds will be made on a complete website design contract, if the buyer choses not to avail himself of this portion of the agreement, either intentionally or through neglect.

If you have any questions or would like more information, send me an e-mail, using the link below. Thanks!

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Clients say ...

"Thanks for all you do for me! My business has been growing steadily since you first designed my web site. If you need any web site work done, Keith will go above and beyond the call to make sure your site is the best. He works with you to design a custom web site for your specific needs."
Captain Matt Yablonsky
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